2nd edition of the Training of the Agricultural Extension Staff in Sustainable Agriculture in Portugal

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As part of the project SAGRI – Skills Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, the 2nd edition of the Training Course for Trainers in Sustainable Agriculture started yesterday (January 28th) at the REGIBIO facilities at the ISLA – Polytechnic Institute of Management and Technology of Gaia, for 5 weeks in a total of 40 hours in person of training.

The course includes 25 graduates with higher education in the area of Agrarian Sciences or related. This course is designed to prepare potential SAGRI trainers for farmers in areas such as precision agriculture, integrated protection, agricultural waste, water and water conservation technologies, renewable energy and energy crops, and the use of a platform online.

At the end of the course the trainees will receive a certificate of participation in the course of SAGRI trainers and the most qualified in the course may be selected by REGIBIO for the scholarship of trainers of SAGRI to train farmers.

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